3ge3 project

3ge3 project,联合艺术家变革艺术品,使之进入日常生活、便于使用。一生二、二生三、三生无限。


3ge3 project相信无限的可能性。我们与艺术家共同创造可被充分触摸和使用的艺术产品,将出其不意注入日常,让每一件物品变得有趣、好用、易收藏。


3ge3 project collaborates with artists to redefine artwork which enters into daily life. Like the brand name “3ge3” ( means “3x3” in Chinese) indicates, “After one come two, after two come three, after three come all things” , the brand opens to infinity.


3ge3 project embraces endless possibilities. We wish to keep daily life surprising and exciting by working with different artists to produce art objects to be touched, used and played with in all facets of life. Each object created by 3ge3 project is useful, interesting, collectible, and affordable as well.